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South by Southwest Interactive, Film and Music Festival in Austin, TX

BRINKmedia's social media manager and rapper Isaiah Toothtaker jumped in the BRINKmobile on March 10th and headed to Austin for mega festival SXSW. We garnered a lot of attention on our way, in the bright teal BRINKmobile with two funny looking characters inside (tattoos might be ubiquitous in Austin, but not so in Nowhere, Texas). Once we got there, we were entrenched in all the good things underground culture has to offer. Anyone who's made the trek to SXSW knows you are bombarded with techies, music aficionados and filmmakers. We hob-knobbed with them all, showed off our mobile workspace for the week and Toothtaker performed for fans. Here is the BRINKmobile SXSW experience, and you don't even have to change the oil, scramble for parking or battle with inclement weather.