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The Brinkmobiles

The Brink has restored two vintage Travco motorhomes and transformed them into mobile studios. These "Brinkmobiles," as they have come to be known, travel to Film Festivals, Tech Conventions, Rock and Roll events, Nightclubs, Coffeshops, Universities - serving not just as promotional vehicles, but as interactive environments that can be used to gather content, produce product, and even educate the masses.The mashup of Vintage transportation and Geographic Information Technologies, high tech digital meets lo tech analog vacationland, gives Brink the perfect way to interact with a very wide demographic.

Each Brinkmobile features a mini theatre with flatscreen HD video, GPS, HD projection and broadband Internet hookup.They are permanently wired inside with a discreet 3 camera setup that instantly transforms any gathering inside into a BrinkTV Talk Show. It's the perfect way to take our message to the streets and to the people - enabling the virtual world to crossover into real time. More importantly the Brinkmobiles provide a uniquely intimate setting for displaying product and information.

All year long, The Brinkmobiles travel to where it's happening! Coachella, Sundance, SXSW, the Brinkmobiles are there! If you want to get involved with a Brinkmobile and have us visit or be a part of your event, get in touch with us. We are always on the lookout for interesting partners, subjects, or ideas....