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The Travco motorhome was an aerodynamic Class A RV built on a Dodge school bus chassis from 1958 to 1980. The design was revolutionary due to its shape and fiberglass-over-steel construction, thus eliminating paint jobs and dry rot. It was sold as the Frank Motor Home from 1958 to 1963 until the company went bankrupt. Two investors bought the RV body molds and the patent rights, and opened up Travco Corporation a short time after.

In 1964, Travco Corporation (contraction of Travelers Company) took control, the windows were enlarged and various other cosmetic modifications were added. The design changed very little from 1964 to 1980 except for a choice of grille designs that hurt the look of the well-designed RV. Three sizes were offered; the 21-foot 210, the 27-foot 270, and the 32-foot 320. Out of the three, the 270 was the best seller, and the best selling color in the 1960s was white with a red band running lengthwise around the center. The popular colors in the 1970s were any shade of earth tone with or without a two-tone. Eventually, the "Atomic Age" design failed to impress most buyers, despite the more modern-looking grille introduced in the mid-1970s. When Dodge stopped producing the 440ci big-block V8, that was the end of Travco. However, the body shells were used by a luxury-RV maker called Foretravel until around 1990. Currently, Travco is owned by the business mogul Travis Nicholson.

The Travco 270 came standard with twin swivel chairs under a crank-out bunk bed, a dinette table was located across the way, with cabinets above, and the kitchen was fully equipped with not only the expected four-burner range/oven, double-door refrigerator and double sink, but some even came with built-in toasters and coffee pots. The bathroom was large, and it was fully equipped with marine toilet, sink, and shower. A large closet was across from that. A tiny bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a mirror, and numerous storage areas occupied the rear end of the motorhome.

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