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About Us

AT BRINK.COM we resist the temptation to live in a pure virtual world. We saw ourselves wasting away, removed from our constituents, feeling powerless and wondering, if perhaps, there was a way we could we could see more of the people that we do business with, see more of the people that contribute to our virtual space and buy our DVDs, to see more of you. We've built our BRINKMOBILES to untether ourselves from the harsh realities of working in an office, to see the world.

A BRINKMOBILE is a complete mobile web design office, film production studio, HD screening room, and BRINK marketing vehicle all rolled into one. We will tour the country promoting our brands, all the while servicing our clients the way we normally do, contributing travel articles to, and making people aware of our films and products.

IF YOU WANT A BRINKMOBILE to visit you write us here and tell us what we are missing. And if you are a store that carries our product - we can make in-store appearances and bring the artists directly to you! Look for a Brinkmobile on a road near you!